High Performance Computing Across Texas

High Performance Computing Across Texas (HiPCAT) in Austin is a specialist computing and web hosting company that excels at providing individuals and businesses with a proven results infrastructure for website hosting. This means that we are a bunch of computer wizards who specialize in assisting our clients with hosting their websites efficiently online!


In the fast-moving industry that information technology is, we continuously and consistently develop and supply high-end computing software and hardware – because we love it. We have therefore built an exceptional reputation for providing the very best in state-of-the-art technology to, among others, help rapidly expanding companies deal with the surge of traffic to their websites.

We have used our high performance hosting infrastructure to benefit several companies that were having issues with server overloading.

Although website owners will usually be ecstatic when they find out their site has become so popular that the increase in visitors has overloaded their server, the frustration of waiting for it to be sorted out so that the site can be up again (while dealing with irate customers) is by no means pleasant. (And in the worst case scenario the server might have to be rebooted, which could be very time consuming.. )

This is where we helped out Sell That Car, a San Diego-based automotive dealer that buys cars online throughout the United States. You can imagine that downtime for a site that relies on its online business is not only frustrating, but also very costly. It then comes as no surprise that Sell That Car’s owner, Benjamin, had the following to say about our help: I’m telling you – I didn’t know a disaster like this could be fixed to begin with – AND improved upon in such a radical way! I now know how important excellent infrastructure is for web hosting, and I recommend High Performance Computing Across Texas in a heartbeat every time someone complains about website problems.

Servers can also become overloaded and cause a site to go down due to outdated code (which powers the site), if the is code not optimized, if it has security holes - or any combination of these. Another customer whose website capabilities we were able to dramatically enhance through improving the web hosting infrastructure is Ashley Homestore. Ashley Homestore’s owner, Celeste, was very grateful to us and delighted with the results after we had helped her to fully optimize her website. I don’t have any downtime on my site whatsoever, and everything is just working better, simpler and faster. When your income depends on your online store, you simply cannot afford any downtime or for customers to struggle to do business with you. High Performance Computing Across Texas has saved my every day with their help!

Do you recognize yourself and your website or web hosting problems in the above information or clients? It might seem like a mountain of problems to you, but that’s why we are here. Just contact us, and we will sort it out.