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High Performance Computing Across Texas (HiPCAT) is a consortium of Texas institutions that use advanced computational technologies to enhance research, development, and educational activities. These advanced computational technologies include traditional high performance computing (HPC) systems and, clusters, in addition to complementary advanced computing technologies including massive data storage systems and scientific visualization resources. The advent of computational grids -- based on high speed networks connecting computing resources and grid 'middleware' running on these resources to integrate them into 'grids' -- has enabled the coordinated, concurrent usage of multiple resources/systems and stimulated new methods of computing and collaboration.

HiPCAT was founded to help the leading research institutions in the state of Texas use advanced computing resources most effectively. HiPCAT institutions support the development, deployment, and utilization of all of these advanced computing technologies to enable Texas researchers to address the most challenging computational problems. Many Texas academic researchers are among the leaders in their fields, and all of the leading research institutions provide HPC and other advanced computing resources to enable them to solve the most challenging problems.

HiPCAT provides these institutions with a forum for sharing expertise and experiences with deploying, supporting, and using advanced computing resources. It furthermore provides these institutions with a formal relationship to pursue collaborative projects to enhance these systems and their utilization. HiPCAT thus presents the opportunity for Texas institutions to leverage expertise and efforts to improve the ability of Texas researchers to make the most effective use of advanced computing in their research programs. Please explore this site to find out more, or consult the information available in the HiPCAT ByLaws(pdf)



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